The Interviewer Wears Prada-What to Wear on an Interview

So you’ve got a job interview, and you’re thinking what am I going to wear? Yes, it’s your personality and skills that matter, but your appearance is often what your interviewer will first notice- and it can go a long way in showing them that you’re professional, ambitious, and most importantly a great fit for the company.

There’s not one approach for what to wear. From your jacket to shoes to even your accessories, you’ll want to consider the culture of the place your applying to.

I’m a recent fashion graduate from FIT. I’ve been going on interviews a lot lately. It’s difficult to know what to wear when you’re gunning for a fashion industry job where the employees look more like gucci models than gap outfitted cubical dwellers.  You’re going to have to dress the part, dressing too stuffy and corporate will not get you the job. You must dress polished and professional but still fun.

I decided to take a usual corporate look and make it more trendy. I found a basic white button down with a fun bow detail in the front. For my pants I went with a navy color instead of black that had a great flower detail on the hem. I stayed classic with nude pumps and trench coat and also added a cute pearl choker!








Above all you want to target the job you’re applying for. Having a killer look might not get you the job, but it’ll make sure you stay in the running.


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