Meet Your New Bae: BootayBag






Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.34.03 PM.png

BootayBag is changing the way women enjoy underwear. Normally I am not the type to sign up for subscriptions, but BootayBag is my exception. I’ve always loved shopping for underwear, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. I work 5 days a week now and I tend to not have much time to shop for myself. Underwear has also increasingly become more expensive!  Then recently I discovered BootayBag, They’re a monthly recurring subscription for women that allows you to cater your preferences to best fit your personal underwear needs. Every month you receive two pairs of undies for a flat rate of only $12!! FREE SHIPPING in the US.


It’s simple just follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Select your style preference “mix it up” (combo), “never thongs”, or “always thongs”
  2. Select your size (small, medium, large)
  3. Add any extras to your bag, such as the Jane bralette
  4. Enter the address you wish to ship to as well as the billing information
  5. Wait for your BootayBag to arrive

I must say I’m really happy when my undies arrive. Every pair is great quality and super cute! The packaging is also adorable. I highly recommend everyone to try it.

Also when you snap a selfie on Instagram with your BootayBag they will donate $1 to the Melanoma Foundation.

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