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Off-Duty Look

When it comes to weekend dressing I like to take a more relaxed approach, especially if I plan on walking around NYC all day. Creating an ‘Off-Duty’ look can be achieved in a range of ways.

Jeans and a plain shirt is a firm favorite when it comes to dressing for the weekend, nothing says off-duty to me more than faded denim with some rips. Give your feet a break on the weekends by opting for a pair of comfy but cute sneakers. I have a new found love and appreciation for sneakers. I used to only wear sneakers to the gym but now I incorporate them in my everyday style. For versatility purposes choose a pair in a mainly neutral color way. To finish off my look I added a fun belt, threw on a moto jacket and added a pair of ear muffs to stay warm.

We know that anything that gets dubbed “effortless” takes at least a little work. While it’s unfortunately not as simple as rolling out of bed and throwing on some clothes, nailing this off-duty look wasn’t as difficult as you might think. It all boils down to understanding that a cute outfit only needs a pair of jeans a shirt and your own personal touch to look killer.